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Your Smart, Green and Load Shed Ready Townhouse Development

Load Shed Ready Home​

Climate change is affecting every country on every continent, disrupting national economies and affecting lives. Combating climate change and creating sustainability is becoming a business imperative, combined with the lowering of operational and living costs. In support of this, all of our townhouses are energy efficient green homes, designed to be both environmentally friendly and convenient. Every unit is enrolled with the Green Building Council of South Africa and will be issued with a Green Edge certificate on completion. Not all developments are Green Edge certified – this is a recent initiative by the World Bank and the International Finance Corporation, administered by the Green Building Council of South Africa.


To qualify for Green Edge certification, developments are required to reduce energy and water consumption by at least 20%, as well as utilise building materials that have low environmental impact.


The SSI Group has exceeded these specifications by an almost 50% energy reduction through the in-house development of TWO specialised systems designed to reduce both operational and utility costs. This state-of-the-art technology enables a higher selling price and higher rental income, and supports an environmentally-friendly, energy-efficient new way of living.


The Smart Geyser Robot is an onsite solar energy generation system, powered by the installation of solar panels on each block. At a cost of R25,000 per unit (absorbed by the developer), these come with a smart  meter system which allows owners or tenants to control and operate  the geyser from a touch screen or Internet interface. 

This enables users to:

-  Monitor energy usage

-  Measure solar power gains

-  Set the usage between grid and solar power for overcast days

-  Set the temperature and on/off timer


The solar power generated can provide at least one full geyser of hot water per day, and was shown to save users R460 per month in a comparative case study in Goederburg, roughly equivalent to one month’s  rent per year.


Smart Light 500 is an off-grid battery light system that uses the same solar panels as the geyser to charge deep-cycle batteries. These are then used to power all the lights in the unit, as well as the Wi-Fi router, reducing energy costs and lowering utility expenses. An integrated USB port can be used for charging mobile phones. The batteries have up to 6 hours capacity during any power outage.

Both the smart geyser and smart lights are connected to the grid, providing backup in case of bad weather. In addition, the usage between the grid and solar system can be set and energy received from the grid monitored. The combination of these systems, along with the gas hob, means that our units remain largely unaffected during load shedding or power outages – almost off-the-grid.